Real estate

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How to handle the challenges facing the real estate industry?

The real estate market is constantly changing and developing. Economic challenges in the global economy mean that the real estate industry is facing both strategic and operational risks. Banks are more restrictive in terms of which projects are funded and real estate investors will have to focus on how to manage real estate values in turbulent times. This means that issues such as better control and monitoring of the financial situation, evaluation of capital structure and optimisation of the real estate portfolio’s locations and quality will be important in the future. In addition to this there are frequent changes in tax and VAT rules, and changes in IFRS that at all times require good decision and management information. Increased pressure on costs and the need for positive progress in real estate management and development makes it important to have the right business model and efficient operations.

The real estate industry is facing many challenges. With PwC’s experienced specialists we can help to turn challenges into business opportunities. We offer experienced auditors, consultants and lawyers in a global network of specialists.

We offer:

  • Statutory audit
  • Internal audit
  • Accounting
  • Optimal tax and VAT related organisation
  • Other tax assistance
  • Assessment and documentation of internal pricing models
  • Streamlining of core processes including optimisation of the procurement function
  • Introduction of comprehensive risk management (ERM)
  • Assessment of the appropriate time for the sale or acquisition of companies and assistance with valuation and execution of transactions
  • Due diligence
  • Assistance in the establishment of an optimal capital structure and financing options
  • Assistance in establishing a financial function that is able to provide robust financial analyses and decision support in addition to good performance reporting
  • Lectures, seminars and courses related to key topics within accounting, tax and VAT relevant to the real estate industry