PwC and the Norwegian Opera & ballet


PwC wishes to contribute to a rich Norwegian cultural life. Therefore, since 2001 we have been one of the main sponsors of The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.


Quality and collaboration are among some of the key factors for both us and everybody associated with the The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet. There is a correlation between how we in PwC and the opera and ballet companies operate. We both have talented and creative experts from various professions solving large and complex problems by working together and combining their talents. This results in holistic and innovative solutions and outcomes. We feel that through our sponsorship that we are taking part in the continuation of the arts.

In Norway we see a growing interest in opera and ballet as art forms. The Opera house in Bjørvika stands out as a flagship of the Norwegian cultural scene. We are proud to be contributors to this development through our cooperation with The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet.

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