Energy Industry

The energy industry has undergone major changes in recent years, and it is likely that this trend will continue into the future. Through PwC's international network of energy specialists we have extensive knowledge to help our clients within the energy and utilities industry to position themselves for the future, no matter where they operate nor within which sub-segments they compete.


In the future the energy industry is expected to be characterised by:

  • Continued competitive pressures and regulatory risk
  • Increasing internationalisation
  • Changes in technologies
  • Pressure on the cost structure
  • Pressure for the increased use of environmentally friendly solutions
  • Potentially large investment needs with uncertain earnings

PwC's industry group works with the largest energy companies in Norway and abroad, and has unique expertise when it comes to all business aspects of energy, infrastructure and climate issues. We are happy to assist with advice within oil and gas, water and sewerage, electricity and petroleum operations.

Energy Industry

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