PwC is particularly engaged in the power sector and is considered one of the leading providers of audit, tax and consulting services to the sector. We work with companies of all sizes and across all segments; for power generators, electricity suppliers, grid owners and service providers.


We see that our customers' value creation is challenged on several fronts, for example with respect to:

  • grids and production facilities it can be dealing with challenges associated with aging infrastructure and building new capacity (both within production and grids)
  • power companies’ financial integrity there may be challenges related to access to capital, loan covenants, dividend model/level
  • electricity customers it can be challenging to implement AMS and altered communication / customer relationships, and rising costs for customer service
  • power companies’ employees it may be assisting with strategies to address an aging workforce, e.g. how to measure results and how to ensure good recruitment and access to necessary expertise
  • regulators and external conditions we can assist with regulatory reporting, regulatory adjustments and competence requirements 

Our service range covers many of the needs today's power companies have within auditing and accounting, tax, and consulting. Our power and utility industry area is organised around selected work processes (Power & Utilities Centre of Excellence). PwC invests and builds competence around these, both in Norway and internationally:

  • Transactions
  • Capital and infrastructure projects
  • Renewable energy
  • Asset management and operational excellence
  • Smart grids and AMS
  • Regulation
  • Financial reporting and assurance
  • Energy trading and risk management

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