Erland Nørstebø

Erland Nørstebø

Senior Tax Advisor | Partner, PwC Norway

Erland is a partner in Advokatfirmaet PwC, and has worked in PwC since 1998. Erland is Head of PwC's Global Mobility department in Norway. He has been practicing as a professional senior tax advisor for 20 years and has also experience from working with the Norwegian Tax Authorities for several years. During his 17 years with PwC, Erland has become a specialist in the Global Mobility area, focusing on tax, social security, compliance, immigration, policy etc. for internationally assigned employees. Erland has extensive work experience with large Norwegian Global clients, and their global mobility programmes. Erland is also a specialist within Personal Tax and with a special focus on Employment Tax. Furthermore, Erland is the Finance Partner within Advokatfirmaet PwC Norway.

Contact details

Tel: +47 952 60 669



  • Compliance
  • Global Mobility
  • Personal tax