Torben Foss

Advocate | Director, PwC Norway

Torben Foss has worked as a civil servant for almost 25 years. Among other posts, he has been Director General in The Ministry of Fisheries, Deputy Director General of Fisheries (Directorate of Fisheries) and posted to Buenos Aires and Brussels on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Torben has worked in PwC since 1999. In PwC he has built up the Seafood Industry Centre. Besides legal questions related to traditional fisheries and to fishfarming, he has been strongly involved in the change-of-ownership processes that have taken place in the international seafood industry over the last ten years. During the EEA-negotioations in 1991 Torben negotiated the protocols relating to the trade with fish and fishproducts. This has given him insight in the rights and obligations that flow from this agreement, both for individuals and for states.

He has been involved in a number of cases (with successful out-come) where Norwegian seafood companies have been in conflicts with the EU- Commission or with ESA.

Contact details

Tel: +47 952 61 299