Get to know the new leader of our Energy Experience Center, Thomas Arntsen

Thomas Arntsen together with Eirik Rasmussen, Oil and Gas & Digital Partner for PwC Stavanger

On April the 4th, we open the doors to PwC's largest Experience Center in Norway. The Experience Center, which will have a main focus on the Energy sector, will be located in Stavanger.

Eirik Rasmussen, Oil and Gas & Digital Partner for PwC Stavanger is the founder of the Energy Experience Center. Since January, Eirik has been looking for the best candidate that will fit into the dynamic environment that the EEC will offer.

Our vision is to be able to facilitate and drive innovation for our Energy clients. Designing and developing a new product or service  requires creativity and the right element to be able to take these ideas into something tangible. Through the Experience Center, we will be able to offer our clients a unique environment that will help enhance collaboration, interaction, and that enables sharing of experiences between the industry, external specialists and experts.

“We were overwhelmed by all the interest and the amount of talented candidates who showed their interest when we announced the position as Manager for the Energy Experience Center back in January. Thomas distinguished himself with his background and forward-looking approach on how to drive the Experience Center moving forward. That's what we need, a proactive person who dares to think outside the box. I think he's going to do an excellent job looking after our clients' needs”.

Eirik Rasmussen, Oil and Gas & Digital Partner in PwC
Thomas Arntsen, Energy Experience Center Lead

Thomas Arntsen, who is now the leader for the Energy Experience Center, strongly believes that the Experience Center and its focus on Energy clients, will be a strong differentiator in the marketplace. Also the fact that the EEC will be able to offer our customers the entire value chain for complex digitisation projects. Thomas is looking forward to getting started in his new role, and is grateful for the support and trust that PwC has given him through this opportunity. We also believe that the Energy Experience Center will be an important contributor in shaping the industry for the future, both nationally and internationally.

"Through the Energy Experience Center we aim to create an innovation hub where we can help our clients to put ideas into reality with a creative environment".




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