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Finance for Hire

Finance for hire - Is your business in need of temporary employees?

Is one of your key employees on parental leave? Or, are you going through a strategic change? Finance for Hire offer consultants with extensive relevant experience.

These days many financial functions are experiencing a new work day with new challenges. Thus resulting in a risk of employees being overworked and that important tasks are being downgraded.

We at PwC Finance for Hire will give you the key competencies you need on a short notice

Together we will find a solution that suits you.

Operational experience and flexibility in a transitional phase

We offer financial consultants for both short and long-term assignments. Our consultants have extensive operational experience as CFO, business controller, chief accountant and accounting controller.

They are experts in controlling, analytics, accounting, IFRS, consolidation, project management, documentation and surveying, digitisation and process improvements. 

When should you use Finance for hire?

  • In transition periods where the work load is high and you need to get a quick overview and complete tasks, in order to return to the normal situation as effectively as possible.
  • While looking for new employees, to ensure 'business as usual' and that important tasks are not neglected.
  • Securing ordinary operations tasks while going through strategic change, for instance in connection with mergers and acquisitions or a sale.
  • If you have employees on temporary leave, and you are in need of someone who can easily take over the tasks.

Are you experiencing challenges related to the corona crises?

We frequently collect advice from our advisors on the COVID-19 situation.

Read the advice from our experts here

We are very satisfied with the consultant from PwC. He had a very professional demeanour, worked independently, and delivered quality according to the delivery plan.

Vice President Telenor ASA

Financial consultant at short notice

During major changes, there is a risk of employees being overloaded or that important processes are put on hold. This is a risk few can afford to ignore.

Your benefits

  • Our consultants are adaptable and have broad experience working as part of the line or project based.
  • Our consultants have already undergone an intensive selection process, ensuring professional qualifications, experience, versatility and flexibility to solve most tasks.
  • The consultants are linked to PwC's customised development program, CFO Academy, for financial managers. Ensuring professional and personal development. 
  • An employee hired from us has the entire PwC competence house with skilled colleagues behind him or her, also including in the legal field. There are many laws and regulations to follow, and we have several in our team.


All our employees have operational experience from financial functions in various companies and industries

A few examples where we have had assignments the last couple of years:

  • Norwegian – chief accountant, financial controllers
  • Telenor – business controllers
  • DNB - business controllers, financial controllers
  • Apotek1 Group - business controllers
  • Innovasjon Norge - business controllers, financial controllers
  • Pandion Energy – chief accountant, business controller 
  • PepsiCo Nordic – payroll and accounting manager
  • Schibsted – chief accountant, financial controller, tax expert 
  • The Police – business controllers, project managers 
  • Red Bull – CFO
  • Aker Floating Production – commercial manager/CFO
  • YX Norge – chief accountant

Contact us

Marianne  Brusdal

Marianne Brusdal

Partner l CFO Solutions, PwC Norway

Tel: +47 952 60 702

Sindre Skogvang

Sindre Skogvang

Direktør | Leder CFO Solutions Oslo, PwC Norway

Tel: +47 952 60 329