As leader for operational positions, you must, to a greater extent than before, take responsibility for raising profitability and helping to realise your business's aspirations of growth. Leaders and employees who manage to put customer needs at the centre of ones development while developing competitive advantage in the way they deliver their product or service, will become winners of the future.

In order to achieve this competitive advantage, visioned and innovative employees are required along with robust processes that are sufficiently flexible to adapt to a rapidly changing market. We at PwC base our assumption on the fact that you should think about your business's operational positions as strategic and a competitive advantage.

We have extensive experience from a number of industries, as well as in-depth knowledge of what is needed to ensure operationalisation and implementation of the company's strategy and ambitions. We can help reduce time from idea to realisation of results. We have an established and well-tested toolbox, as well as the experience that helps you through all phases of a project from identifying hypotheses and bottlenecks, analysing large amounts of data so as to describe, prioritise and carry out implementation of selected measures.

One of our key principles i operational projects is to work closely with the client on all levels of the organisation, this to ensure that the solutions chosen are deeply rooted, understood, engaging and owned, which will help secure lasting results and a culture for continuous improvement.

We deliver a wide range of services such as management of strategic restructuring projects, cost saving programs, Lean (Six Sigma), sales and operational planning, network design and optimisation, as well as purchases in the private and public sectors and more.


63% of leaders say it is challenging to understand what clients value.

PwC Global Operations Survey 2015

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