Strategy and Operations

In order for you to succeed we help every step of the way; from strategy development to execution

We know what is needed to obtain lasting change, and work analytically and experience-based together with our customers to achieve real profit:

  • Create growth through development of sustainable business strategies
  • Transform your business to deliver results
  • Run effectively with the right items through aligning products/services, employees and processes, develop an adapted value chain and make procurements to a strategic capability

A customer-centric approach 

We have in-depth industry expertise and are analytically driven. We spend a lot of time understanding the real needs of your organization. We are committed to working closely together and sharing expertise - from strategy to implementation.

How can we help you?


Does your business have a strategy that gives a lasting competitive advantage?

Many companies hunt possibilities anywhere without giving enough attention to whether they have a right to succeed. The unique and well documented approach of PwC is based on the companies distinctive capabilities in order to create a lasting competitive advantage.

PwC assists with strategy development to identify and realize the company's potential for improvement. Strategy is about building a successful business by playing on its unique characteristics and opportunities in the market. 

Capability Driven Strategy + Growth 

Capability Driven Strategy + Growth is based on a few distinctive and differentiating capabilities and focuses on how these capabilities in combination can be further developed and strengthened. A clear value proposition associated with the products and services offered and the company's capability system will be crucial to achieve long-term success and growth. The framework is very useful and can be used in various types of strategy projects, both on a group level and for various business and function areas. 

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Cost improvement

Does your business have a cost base and organisation model that reflect what is needed to win in the future?

The majority of cost programs look at costs regardless of company strategy and reduce all costs evenly across functions throughout the business. PwCs unique approach "Fit for Growth" takes base in the company strategy, unique capabilities and organisation when they carry out a strategic restructuring.

In order to succeed over time companies have to offer a unique value proposition to its customers. PwC is base their work on the company's value proposition and assesses how the company's strategy and capabilities are adapted to the requirements for success in the market over time. Through deep understand of both the market, competitors and the company, PwC works in close cooperation with the organisation to identify where the company needs to develop and build new capabilities.

Strategic cost reductions focus on building and developing differentiating and unique capabilities, and at the same time remove non-value creating cost are removed. This builds a strong foundation and makes it possible for the the business to grow further and succeed over time.

Read more about our approach "Fit for Growth"

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Revenue & Category Management

Does your company have a plan to create profitable growth that also will benefit customers?

Many companies need to create growth and increased profit. If you manage to do this and at the same time cover customer needs you gain a win-win situation. This can be achieved by working more structured with growth plans and category strategy with focus on price, packaging and activities. For many this is about getting into place good process and routines to secure fact based and sustainable priorities and decisions.

Furthermore  it is about good implementation with clear plans for how to take the strategy out in the customer dialogue, including how to ensure that you have clear benefits and rewards linked to the customer agreements.

PwC has good knowledge in the area, and can among others help with:

  • Category strategy
  • Category plans
  • Category process and routines
  • Net revenue management simulation
  • Price strategy
  • Calculation and profitability
  • Contract analysis and revision of commercial terms

Enterprise Agility: Operating model & Ways of working

Is your company rigged for the future?

A world with an ever-increasing rate of change and complexity driven by technology development, increased customer requirements and employee expectations places demands on the organization's responsiveness and adaptability.

Traditional organisation models and forms of work with functional and hierarchical division is first and foremost developed for a stable and predictable environment.

With an increased rate of change and complexity, demands are made for continuous interdisciplinary collaboration with few handovers and clear mandates for quick decisions. Agile organization is based on small autonomous and interdisciplinary teams that work iteratively and incrementally in sprints towards common goals. The teams are organized end-to-end around the product or service that hits the customer - precisely to increase the focus on delivering a holistic customer experience.

Enterprise Agility looks at the company's ability to respond to and adjust to those changes in an effective way through new working methods, organisational structure and focus on change management and culture.

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PMI - Post Merger Integration

Integration of new businesses is one of the top managers greatest challenge and worry. We often see that identified synergy effects are delayed, or even worse, they are completely absent. PwC can help you in all phases of the integration process by securing that synergies are fully realised.

Our approach maintains balance between integration and daily operations:

  • Maximize the expected value through focus on profit areas
  •  Minimize risk through a robust process and reality in goals and expectations
  • Effective management of people in a period characterised by uncertainty

The main goal with implementation of a integration process is to active increased profitability and to maximise the company's total value creation. Mergers and acquisitions demand a large number strategic decisions, both before, under and after a possible deal. Both PwC's own studies and other research show that very few businesses succeed with this on their own. It is very challenging and resource demanding to carry out a successful integration process.

PwC has long experience with Post Merger Integrations (PMI) from a series of industries. We can help in all phases of the integration processes, both by leading and manning integration offices and by carrying out or supporting concrete sub processes.

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Operations Transformation

Does your company need to carry out large organisational changes, processes and knowledge?

Operations Transformation is a whole, pragmatic and value driven change travel that is adjusted to the situation and where PwC works shoulder to shoulder with the organisation to build lasting advantages. Among other things we help you with:

  • Transformation management
  • Program structure and steering
  • GO-live management
  • Business case and profit realisation

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Supply Chain Management

Is your value chain rigged for the future?

The purpose of supply chain management is to secure competitive advantage for businesses by setting up, planning and steering goods supply / value chain optimally to satisfy the market need and other defined goals. Among other things we help with:

  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Supply Chain Footprint
  • Logistic Optimising
  • Sales and Operations planning 
  • Automation and digitising

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Operations Improvement

Does your company have resource demanding processes, lead time challenges or other operational improvement needs?

Operations Improvement is a scalable improvement journey where PwC works closely together with the organisation by improving existing services or production processes and at the same time develop competence in the organisation. Among other things we help with:

  • Process improvement
  • Lean production
  • Lean services 
  • Six Sigma
  • Continuous improvement

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Procurement strategy and category management

Procurement has in several companies gone from being a tool for realising cost improvements to being an important part of realising the overall business strategy. This places greater demand on the procurement function,  who has to specialise and professionalise its work with purchase categories through good category management. PwC can help your company with among others:

  • Maturity analyses
  • Strategy development
  • Category steering
  • Organisation
  • Digital procurement
  • Process improvement

Strategic sourcing

Strategic sourcing is about making the company value chain as competitive as possible. It is about understanding what is of value to the end customer, and to ensure that this is reflected in choice of supplier, materials and services purchased. It is about both quality, costs and sustainability. PwC draws on the global network by experts to be able to offer the most relevant competence for just this category you need help with. PwC can help your company with among others:

  • Spend analyses
  • Market and value chain analyses
  • Contracts analyses
  • Design-to-value
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Make-or-buy assessments
  • Complex procurements (e.g. IT, outsourcing and more)
  • Sustainable procurements
  • Innovation in procurements

Supplier Relationship Management

Well done is better than well said. Unfortunately, many companies are still struggling to realize the benefits of their agreements, either due to a lack of supplier management or as a result of a lack of contract loyalty in the organization. In other contexts, there is a significant risk at the supplier level, which must be managed. PwC can assist your business with, among other things:

  • Supplier management
  • Profit realisation
  • Risk handling
  • Contract management