Audit and assurance

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Our main goal is to contribute to increased confidence in financial information in addition to good corporate governance. Confidence in financial information has an effect on the private sector’s ability to create value and growth. As auditors, we invest a lot of time in understanding the companies’ value creation processes and internal procedures which strengthens the quality of our financial statements. When this approach is combined with our expertise, we become a valuable discussion partner. By focusing the audit on the areas that may be exposed to greatest risk, an effective audit is ensured.

Our services within auditing and assurance are

Auditing of financial statements
PwC delivers customized solutions for the auditing of financial statements. Our expertise and our interdisciplinary collaboration within our company optimize the auditing process and provide efficiency and value to the client.

Audit of other areas than financial statements
An audit of areas other than the financial statements can be offered when there is a need for auditor statements and, industry, regulatory or contractual requirements must be met.

Simplified auditor review of interim financial statements
Simplified auditor review (limited audit) of interim financial statements is offered as a simplified and less expensive product than an audit and aims to provide increased confidence in interim financial statements. A simplified audit of interim financial statements may also identify issues of importance to the annual financial statements at an early stage.

Agreed-upon reviews
PwC’s expertise and experienced consultants may perform detailed reviews of specific ledger entries which a company would like reviewed. The findings will be reported back to the client.

IFRS – conversion to and adapting to changes in regulation
Transition to IFRS is often very demanding as it may affect several of a company’s procedures and systems, while concurrently increasing a company’s competence needs. PwC has extensive experience in assisting clients with conversion, and has developed a methodical approach for a smooth transition.

Assistance with direct and indirect taxes, accounting and financial management
PwC's auditor will be an experienced partner with in-depth knowledge of both the client and the company.