Ships, rigs and offshore vessels

The shipping team at PwC works across disciplines and consists of experienced accountants, attorneys, financial advisors and consultants with extensive knowledge in shipping and offshore activities. Our network provides efficient and effective solutions to global shipping companies locally in all shipping countries. Thus providing comprehensive solutions for our clients who can deal with one service provider across their corporate structure.

Shipping is international and the rules for taxation of shipping activities are constantly evolving. Every shipper continuously faces new Norwegian and international challenges in both tax and accounting. Good profitability is dependent on good governance and optimal management of tax and accounting issues.

A long-term trend in the shipping industry is that the players evolve from traditional shipping companies to fully integrated logistics providers. Another trend is the increased degree of specialization and new solutions, especially in offshore. This creates new challenges in tax and accounting where PwC can be a very useful partner.

PwC assists in:

  • Corporate governance and internal control.
  • Audit of the annual and interim financial statements, attestation and limited audit of other financial information.
  • Norwegian and international financial reporting, IFRS, USGAAP, NGAAP.
  • Company formation with adjustments to Norwegian and favourable international tax regimes.
  • Optimization of the corporate structure and implementation of restructuring.
  • National and international tax consulting.
  • Assistance and processing of complaints and litigation.
  • Courses and seminars, and more.
  • Purchase, sale and IPOs; including:
    • Project Management.
    • Financial "due diligence".
    • Accounting Technical Assistance.
    • Tax Review.

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