We help actors within shipping and offshore to succeed with international activities

Interdisciplinary shipping teams

Global actors within shipping and offshore frequently meet new challenges related to international operations. Our interdisciplinary shipping team handle the complex challenges and lets your company concentrate on the business.


Shipping industry

PwCs network assist locally in all countries with shipping industry, so that your company only has to relate to one supplier of the service across company structures. Our experienced and competent shipping team simplifies your everyday work, thus preventing your company from running into difficult situations as a result of lacking knowledge of international regulations.

Good corporate governance and proper handling of tax and accounting issues are the basis for good profitability.

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Good corporate governance and proper handling of tax and accounting issues form the basis for good profitability

We can assist you with:

  • Corporate governance and internal control
  • Audit of the annual and interim financial statements, attestation and limited audit of other financial information
  • Norwegian and international financial reporting, IFRS, USGAAP, NGAAP
  • Company establishments with adjustments for Norwegian and favourable international tax regimes
  • Optimisation of company structure and implementation of restructurings
  • National and international tax consulting
  • Assistance and process in complaints and court cases


The Digital Transformation of Shipping

Over the last few years, discussion on the shipping industry has primarily revolved around the fallout from the economic crisis. In addition to general economic challenges such as fleet utilisation, shipping companies in Norway and Greece are increasingly facing the impact of the digital transformation and a changing competitive environment.

Download the report here (PDF, 4,6MB)

Why IFRS 16 matters to the shipping industry

New lease standard to be effective 1 January 2019. Early implementation permitted together with IFRS 15 (effective 1 January 2018). 

Download the report here (PDF, 624KB)

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Steinar Hareide

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Fredrik Gabrielsen

Fredrik Gabrielsen

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