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Transparency Report 2021

This report provides insight into how PwC Norway’s audit practice works to ensure quality in the audit.


Welcome to our 2021 Transparency Report

In the Transparency report, we provide insight into how we work continuously to improve audit quality. PwC is a multidisciplinary business with processes to ensure quality in all our business areas. This report is primarily focused on our audit practice.

At PwC, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. We are a network of firms in 156 countries with more than 295 371 people who are committed to delivering quality in Assurance, Advisory and Tax & Legal services.

Our purpose commits – our culture shall always be characterized by high quality. Our credibility as a trustee for the general public rests upon our ability to evolve with the world surrounding us, and most desirably, to lead the way.

Therefore, we continuously develop our strategy to respond to fundamental changes in the world, including technological disruption, climate change, fractured geopolitics, and the continuing effects of the pandemic. We invest significantly in new skills, technology and services to lead the development of our industry, maintain our relevance and enhance the quality in our services. In an ever-changing world, new insights and different perspectives are decisive for solving complex problems. For more information about our strategy, The New Equation, please see more here.

In order to strengthen the future competitiveness of both PwC and the audit profession, we work constantly to renew our role as an employer to establish the best and most progressive development arenas for our employees. Our ambition is to be a diverse group of people who think with their head and heart.

One of the most important problems of our time is the climate crisis. It is inherent to the audit industry and part of our social mission to contribute to the sustainable development of Norwegian businesses. PwC shall be a driving force for transparency and builder of trust in the companies’ reporting. Sharing our knowledge and performing verifications are two ways that we can contribute to the necessary green transition of society. We have set ambitious goals in order for the pace of the work related to the climate crisis to pick up. For example, we are committed to making our entire operation and vendor supply chain climate neutral by 2030.

At PwC, we strive for transparency and accurate information. Through the Transparency report, we are proud and pleased to present how we work with quality.

Leif Arne Jensen
Chief Executive Officer


Leif Arne Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, PwC Norway

Leif Arne Jensen, Chief Executive Officer, PwC Norway

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