A well-functioning health system is one of the pillars of a modern welfare state. Health systems around the world are challenged by the divide between what is medically possible and what is economically sustainable. This places great demands on the sector, both at the macro and micro levels. The sector must be able to further develop specializations while ensuring that patients meet a coherent health service. Services must be made widely available even though a robust and appropriate specialist environment requires division of labour and specialization. The patient and quality of services shall be the priority of the future development of the health system. Simultaneously, efficient operations and new organisational and technological solutions shall ensure that this development occurs within given financial constraints.

PwC is a leading consultancy firm within the health sector. We assist governmental, non-profit, private and municipal actors. We work within primary and secondary care, locally, regionally and nationally. Together with our customers, we find solutions to challenges and create new opportunities. Our expertise is utilised throughout the country, and is also sought after abroad. Our customer relationships are long-term and characterized by mutual trust. Our industry team consists of dedicated industry specialists with multidisciplinary backgrounds, including medical specialists, health professionals, health IT, legal, organizational and financial competence.

We can assist in:

  • Strategy, strategic analyses, processes and evaluations
  • Strategic assessments of changes, services and markets
  • Operationalisation and implementation of reforms, framework conditions and changes, including the Health Reform Act of 2009 (samhandlingsreformen).
  • Structuring/restructuring of integrated services, both within specialist and primary health services including the distribution of functions and projects related to the 2009 Health Reform Act
  • Business and process improvements, including lean, capacity and bottleneck analysis, streamlining work processes, etc.
  • Quality strategies and the development of quality systems
  • Compliance with laws, rules, regulations and norms in the health sector
  • Financial management, internal control, and risk analyses
  • Internal and external audits
  • eHealth, mHealth and ICT-related issues from strategy, organisation and architecture, to system choice, benefits realisation and implementation
  • Data analysis and advanced simulation and optimization
  • Assistance to hospital construction projects
  • Management Information System and reporting
  • Supply chain management and procurement in the health sector
  • Evaluations and studies, including socioeconomic assessments
  • A wide range of analyses and complex decision-making support; including supplemented by the use of optimisation and dynamic simulation models
  • Senior project management, strategic advice and project implementation support

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Hans-Christian Berger
Partner | Assurance, PwC Norway
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Knut Arne Askeland
Director | Consulting, PwC Norway
Tel: +47 952 61 157

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