Forensic and preventive services

PwC's forensic services unit offers a specialized domestic and international service for private and public entities to prevent, detect and investigate controversial issues, including situations that are contrary to the law, ethical rules or norms, such as corruption or other forms of fraud.

Detect and manage

PwC provides professional assistance to factual
investigations of all types of incidents and situations where there is a need to obtain information about what has happened. Such incidents can be either confirmed or potential events.

Safety and emergency planning

PwC assists companies in identifying vulnerable areas for possible discontinuity of normal business operations, develop preventive measures to ensure normal operation and develop a comprehensive contingency mind-set to deal with unforeseen events.


PwC contributes to preventing
and ensuring that your organization avoids financial losses and reputational damage, and complies with laws and regulations. We assist in the fields of anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and background checks, as well as the design, implementation and testing of internal controls.

Integrity Due Diligence

Safeguarding your integrity and reputation is the core of our services. Regulatory authorities, domestically and internationally, are highlighting integrity investigations (Integrity Due Diligence) as an important instrument in avoiding becoming involved in corruption, fraud and other illegal or unethical behaviour.