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Our services within Consulting

Business Technology
At PwC, we assist our clients in realizing the business value og IT. We have extensive experience in assisting companies to ensure that IT is associated with the companies strategic objectives, organisation and processes and to establish and operate effective management of the IT business unit.

Financial Effectiveness
We assist our clients in achieving an optimal and value-added finance function. Financial Effectiveness assists clients with the development and improvement of their finance function to improve its ability to create value for the organization.

We assist our clients with supply chain management strategy and improved efficiency to ensure an optimal supply chain, lean and strategic procurement processes within the private and public sectors, as well as restructuring and organizational development.

People and Organisation
The world is changing – fast. Tremendous forces are radically reshaping the world of work. There are new organizational, talent and Human Resource challenges to be faced as business leaders wrestle with global growth, skills mismatches, disruptive technology innovation and the constant tests of risk and regulation

Performance and Information Management
At PwC, we assist our clients in achieving strategic goals, managing financial capacity, monitoring daily operations and ensuring access to critical information throughout the value chain. This is achieved effectively by Performance & Information Management.

Policy & Economics
Policies and regulations for private and public businesses  and organizations are constantly changing. Knowledge of how these changes affect different strategic choices is critical to succeed in developing businesses, and we at PwC provide this knowledge to our customers.

Purchasing - Comprehensive Focus
Focus on value creation is an integral part of a modern and mature procurement function, whether it is private or public.

PwC assists clients with strategy development and the restructuring programs to identify and realize improvement potentials. We focus on feasible solutions, analytical insight and in-depth industry expertise to achieve good results.