We help companies cover the increasing global need for energy.

We help you and your company find the best solutions for handling the energy challenges the world is facing.

The changes in the energy sector are creating possibilities and challenges, and our team has built a unique competence within the area. We have done this with the help of PwCs large international network of specialists, and cooperation with the larges energy actors in Norway and globally.

  • Increased competition and regulatory risk
  • Increasing internationalisation
  • Changes in technology
  • Pressure on the cost structure
  • Pressure on increased use of environmentally friendly solutions
  • Potentially large investment needs with uncertain earnings

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Thomas Fraurud, Partner i PwC

Thomas Fraurud, Partner i PwC

The producers of energy are responsible for covering the world's enormous use of energy. This will require better utilisation of energy sources, as well as costly investments in technology and innovation.

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The energy industry is constantly changing, and everything indicates that this will continue in the years to come. Through our international network of specialists in energy we have built extensive knowledge helping our clients within energy and utilities are well positioned for the future. This no matter where they operate or within which sub-segments they compete.

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We are engaged in the power sector and considered as one of the leading providers of audit, tax and consulting services. Our field of work covers companies of all sizes. Whether you are a supplier of energy, a network owner or producer of power and services.

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It has possibly never been more challenging to be part of the oil and gas industry. Big fluctuations in commodity prices and constant changes in framework conditions affect everyday life. We know the industry, and can help you achieve increased predictability, effectivism and realisation of possibilities of growth.

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Our extensive experience in dealing with tax and accounting issues for actors on the Norwegian continental shelf, makes it possible for us to help you either you are in production or service companies in the petroleum industry.

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Water supply and wastewater treatment are key elements of society infrastructure. The quality of service is of great importance for drinking water quality, health and the environment. Annually, we as consumers pay approximately 7,5 billion NOK in water and wastewater taxes. A total replacement value of the plants used for the production of the services (waterworks, treatment plants and cabling) is estimated to be appr. NOK 200 - 300 billions. 

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