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Change, innovation and workplaces of the future

We help businesses succeed with change and workplaces of the future.

Most businesses today must change in order to succeed. Therefore, it is good to have someone on the team with long experience. Someone who every day lead customers through digital transformations.

Whether it is developing new types of products or services. In public or private sector. If it is about technology or reorganisation. All is connected. We work with the whole organisation from idea to implementation.

The PwC team are people who do everything they can to understand your business. It is our genuine wish to help you succeed.

Contact us

Petter Vold

Managing Partner | Leader Consulting, Oslo, PwC Norway

+47 952 60 605


Ole Schei Martinsen

Partner | Leader Consulting Rogaland, Stavanger, PwC Norway

+47 952 61 162


Stian Gårdsvoll

Partner, Trondheim, PwC Norway

+47 952 61 402


Audun Finnestad

Partner | Leads Consulting Agder, Kristiansand S, PwC Norway

+47 952 61 047


Frode Myrdal

Partner | Consulting, Bergen, PwC Norway

+47 952 61 303


Industries we give advisory services

Finance        Real estate        Energy         Health       Industry and commerce       

Publiic sector        Oil and gas        Shipping        Telecom and media