We can support you through the transactional process

PwC Deals helps investors understand fundamental financial assumptions associated with transactions, acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers, sales, private placements and IPOs.

We have a wide range of services and can assist in all aspects of transactions.

We are the market leader within due diligence and valuation and have the market’s largest capacity within these areas, both nationally and internationally.

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Contact us

Bjørn Egil Johannessen

Partner | Deals, Oslo, PwC Norway

+47 952 60 546


Bjørn Gravdal

Partner | Leads of Deals in Bergen, Bergen, PwC Norway

+47 952 61 275


Elin Young

Partner | Head of Deals Real estate, Oslo, PwC Norway

+47 952 61 497


Industries we help with transactional services

Finance    Real estate    Renewable energy    Health    Industry and Commerce    

Public Sector    Oil and Gas    Shipping    Telecom and Media