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From Left to Right: Stig Rune Johnsen, Ingrid Foss Nødset, Pål Kulø Lønseth

From Left to Right: Stig Rune Johnsen, Ingrid Foss Nødset, Pål Kulø Lønseth.

How can we help ?

First and foremost, PwC Forensic Services do various factual investigations in connection with unwanted incidents. There is often talk about suspicion of financial fraud and offenses, but there may also be other types of incident.

We conduct the factual investigations according to a fixed methodology where the source of information may, for example, be documents, accounting material, interviews and electronically stored information of evidential value. For this work we have our own technology laboratory with different types of IT tools for securing analysis of electronic traces and large amounts of information.

We also use the technology lab to investigate Cyber ​​Crime, and depending on the mandate, we can advise on how to prevent similar incidents in the future. Such assignments will often mean that we both conduct the collection of facts, and thereafter make a legal assessment of what the actual findings mean.

Secondly, we provide services to prevent financial fraud. This includes doing Integrity Due Diligence and "compliance" work especially related to anticorruption, anti-money laundering, contribution management, data protection and contract compliance.

Within the area for security and emergency preparedness, we have extensive experience in identifying vulnerable areas, developing preventive measures, and establishing a comprehensive preparedness thinking to handle unforeseen incidents through regular risk analysis and development /updating of plans, etc.

Generally we benefit from various technical expertise in the projects. We believe this provides the best delivery for the customer. Our employees are lawyers, economists, accountants, political scientist, IT-technicians and police.  Generally they have long experience from work in the police, prosecution, law court, the e-service and the Office of the Auditor General.



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Pål Kulø Lønseth

Advocate | Partner | National Leader, PwC Norway

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Gunnar Holm Ringen

Advocate | Partner, PwC Norway

Tel: +47 952 60 175

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