Audit and assurance

Audit as value creation

When conducting audit our main objective is increased trust in financial information as well as good governance and control.

As auditors, we invest a lot of time in understanding the companies' value creation processes and internal procedures which strengthens the quality of our financial statements. When this approach is combined with our expertise, we become a valuable discussion partner. 

In addition to the audit, the auditor may be used as a conversation partner who knows the company. Change in ownership, restructuring, funding, liquidity and profitability are areas where PwC offers industry-specific and comprehensive competence.

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Audit as value creation - trust and insight
Audit as value creation - trust and insight

Our auditors help you deliver good quality

As auditors we spend a lot of time understanding the companies' processes for value creation, and the internal routines that support the quality of financial reporting. Combined with our expertise this makes us a valueable discussion partner.

Our auditors ensure that you have trust in financial reporting, we strengthen the foundation for you to make the right descisions and make sure that you deliver quality. An audit should strengthen your foundation for making the right decisions.

Eli Moe-Helgesen, Partner and leader PwC Audit and Assurance in Norway

If you choose to be a customer of ours, you are a customer of the entire competence house PwC. We assist with interdisciplinary expertise through our law, consultancy and accounting staff.

Eli Moe-Helgesen, Leader Assurance & Risk Advisory Services

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Eli Moe-Helgesen

Partner | Risk Advisory Services, Oslo, PwC Norway

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Partner | Assurance, Oslo, PwC Norway

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Partner | Assurance, Oslo, PwC Norway

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Partner | Leader of Audit Bergen, Bergen, PwC Norway

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