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Audit as value creation

Our main objective is increased trust in financial information, in addition to good management and control.

By focusing the audit on the areas that may be exposed to greatest risk, an effective audit is ensured.

Our main goal is to contribute to increased confidence in financial information in addition to good corporate governance. Confidence in financial information has an effect on the private sector’s ability to create value and growth. 

As auditors, we invest a lot of time in understanding the companies' value creation processes and internal procedures which strengthens the quality of our financial statements. When this approach is combined with our expertise, we become a valuable discussion partner. 

In addition to the audit, the auditor may be used as a conversation partner who knows the company. Change in ownership, restructuring, funding, liquidity and profitability are areas where PwC offers industry-specific and comprehensive competence.



Audit as value creation - trust and insight
Audit as value creation - trust and insight

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