A leading provider of trust services in a digital world. That's our vision. 

Trust is more important now than ever before. And never before has it been more difficult to determine whom and what you can trust. The value of independent confirmation is therefore greater than ever. An auditor’s signature means you can trust the information your decision-making is based on. 

When we perform an audit, our main goal is to increase the trust in the information reported or processes assessed. In addition, we offer useful suggestions in connection with routines, risk management, governance and control, because we often assess the quality of a business’ internal routines while we work. This means we are both auditors and advisors. These roles, however, cannot be mixed. Trust in our confirmations as auditors all depends on our independence.  

For me, it’s the person behind the audit who’s important. Having the best people to confirm our numbers, so we can make good decisions. That’s where Linda Arvesen, my PwC auditor, is completely invaluable.

Bård Eker, CEO of Hydrolift

Innovative technology

We are always improving the way we work, and implementing new, groundbreaking technology. But a skilled auditor cannot be replaced by a robot. The magic happens when people and machines work together. We provide our clients with the best people and award-winning technology, so that we can spend our time on what’s most important for you. This ensures high quality and great value for our clients.

Verification services

We are renowned for our annual accounts audits, and every year we audit thousands of accounts and reports. But PwC verifies so much more than numbers. As much as 80 per cent of a business’s assets will never be reflected in a conventional financial statement. That’s why many businesses choose to disclose how they work on improving sustainability, how they manage risks, and how they create value. PwC can verify these claims, too. 

Experienced auditors provide services tailored to your business

As auditors, we spend a lot of time working to understand a business’s value-creation processes and the internal routines that underpin the quality of its financial reporting. Combined with our expertise, this makes us a valuable discussion partner.


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We have invested in tools that make audits more efficient, with even better quality and deeper insight

  • Halo — our proprietary and award-winning data analysis tool
  • Connect — our global data sharing tool
  • Aura — our premium global auditing software
  • — analyses performed using artificial intelligence

Digital auditing tools


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