As a leading professional services firm we help our clients solve complex business problems and aim to enhance their ability to create value, manage risk and improve performance. We take pride in the fact that our services add value by helping to improve transparency, trust and consistency of business processes, and we also play a significant role in the functioning of the world's capital markets.

Due to our role in business processes and in society PwC has always placed great emphasis on good procedures to ensure high quality deliverables in all areas of our international network. Quality of our deliverables, ethics, and our role as a leading knowledge-based company has been fundamental throughout our 150-year history.

Our core values of excellence, teamwork and leadership help us to achieve the personal and professional growth necessary to fulfil our role in society and reach our ambitions. We conduct our business within the framework of applicable professional standards, laws, regulations and internal policies. We also have a code of conduct for all PwC people and firms.


Our values, consist of three core values and nine support values

Excellence: We deliver what we promise and create value beyond what is expected.
Support Values: Innovation - Learning - Adaptability

Teamwork: We believe that the best solutions are achieved through teamwork, mutual respect and open communication.
Support Values: Good relations - Respect - Willingness to share

Leadership: We are at the vanguard and help set the agenda.
Support Values: Courage - Vision - Integrity

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Herman Skibrek

Herman Skibrek

Partner | Risk & Quality, PwC Norway

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