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Wondering which of our departments is the right fit for you and your expertise? Below is a list of our service areas and fields. 



As an adviser in Consulting, much of your day will be spent helping businesses prepare for the future. This could involve anything from digital transformation, development of new products or services, to strategy and implementation. In Consulting, you will have the opportunity to work with colleagues whose backgrounds come from a wide range of professional fields. Our teams are composed of people with diverse expertise, so that we are better able to meet our clients’ needs. 

Some of Norway’s most experienced service designers work for us. Our team of service designers works creatively, combining client insights with design methods to optimize user services and solve complex challenges.

We also have a dedicated team of specialists for public sector consulting, working on improving patient safety and patient experiences throughout Norway’s public health sector, establishing a more future-oriented organization of work in the new Government Quarter, and developing the education sector, focusing on new technology and better learning experiences.

In Consulting, we focus heavily on Business Technology, which is consulting in the interface between business development and technology. Advisers in our BusTech department often have a background in technology combined with economics, and they are especially motivated by applying their understanding of technology to create business value for our clients.


Our advisers in Deals help organizations and their owners in the transaction process, with initial analyses, valuation, due diligence and consulting related to acquisitions, sales, restructuring and financing.

Deals is comprised of four service areas, which are involved in different stages of the transaction process: 

  • Mergers & Acquisitions — broad consulting, typically in connection with the sale of businesses.
  • Transaction Services — financial analysis and due diligence on behalf of a buyer (FDD) or seller (VDD).
  • Valuation & Analytics — valuation and analysis of large data sets to provide deeper insight. 
  • Deals Strategy — assisting companies with commercial and strategic analyses before and after a transaction.

Through our trainee programme, EDGE, recent graduates gain knowledge and experience from our different service areas, gaining broad transactional competence.


As an auditor with PwC, you get to be part of an exciting journey of development in the field of auditing, and we need people with original ideas who are not afraid to take on new challenges.

We are always working on developing new and innovative tools. We are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and robots in our day-to-day activities, and these are therefore becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary, working with our technology department. With new technological tools, our auditors have increasingly assumed a role as providers of trust.

We emphasize the specialist expertise we have as humans as a unique advantage, including the interpretation and quality assurance of data. We recognize the value of big data and try to make the most of the organization’s data for use in auditing.

As auditors, we have an important social responsibility: We build trust in reporting. Our verification is the element that provides increased credibility for all of the organization’s stakeholders, be they investors, suppliers, creditors, public authorities, or clients.

Without PwC as our auditor and sparring partner, we would likely never have had the confidence to take the steps we have done to ensure increased growth.

Trond HansenCEO of Drytech

Tax and Legal Services (Advokatfirmaet PwC)

Our law firm is part of one of the world’s largest networks of tax and corporate law experts.

As a lawyer in TLS, you get the opportunity to consult on anything from privacy and labour law to tax disputes and legal assistance to public agencies.

We also work on legal due diligence. Legal due diligence is a legal review of enterprises. This review yields a good overview of the enterprise’s potential and challenges. Many of our services involve cross-disciplinary collaboration with other PwC services, which means you will have the opportunity to work on solving interesting challenges for large and small businesses throughout Norway.


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