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PwC Capital Markets has extensive experience in assisting companies to list on Oslo Børs

Capital market transactions attract high level public attention, they are highly complex and are subject to extended compliance regulations and reporting requirements. Our dedicated team will help you to understand what you need to know, and what you need to do to complete a listing process.

We can help you evaluate the benefits of becoming a public listed company, assess your readiness for a listing, navigate every phase of the complex process and prepare your business for being a public company. PwC offers a broad suite of services for both Norwegian and international companies considering a listing, bringing together the right team from across PwC with a deep bench of skills and experience. 

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Owen Lewis, Capital Markets Leader

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Becoming a public traded company - is that the right alternative for you?

Going public is, in every sense, a transformational event. You need to be confident it is the right strategy for funding the next stage in your company's development. You will need to consider whether your organisation is prepared to accept the additional disciplines that come with being a public company, and if so, which marketplace will provide the best valuation and access to capital at the right time.

Our Capital Markets team will guide you through the strategic decisions you need to make at the outset.


Investor / IPO and listing readiness

Planning is the key to a successful and efficient listing. We can help you assess to what extent your company fulfils the listing criteria.

Our IPO Readiness assessment results in a detailed report presenting a "gap analysis" of critical paths of action required to execute a well managed IPO. This report will help you gain overview and insight in which processes need to be implemented or improved in order to execute a successful listing.

Listing and IPO support

Going public is, in every sense, a transformational event. It requires significant effort from different parts of your business, where the whole organization must work together towards a common goal.

Executing a successful IPO or listing is the culmination of a long, complex process. From strategy, accounting, reporting, financial systems, governance, media and investor relations, to treasury and financial risk management, legal, tax, HR, technology — every piece of the puzzle must be in place and connected before you proceed.

PwC’s dedicated team of capital markets professionals are here to help and make the task at hand an easier experience for you. 

We have deep knowledge and understanding of the rules and regulations — and a successful history of working on both international and domestic IPOs. 

We have been involved in the majority of IPOs on Oslo Børs in recent years, and our experience will benefit you through every stage of your IPO preparation process.

Bond listing on Oslo Børs

The bond listing process on Oslo Børs is an efficient and cost effective process that is completed in only weeks, not months as in other markets. The process is efficient and cost effective because there is no need for public ratings, due diligence or any comfort letters. Standard documentation is provided by Nordic Trustee, which translates into a speedy offering process. 

We offer one-stop shopping; once you have raised the capital, we will manage the rest of the required steps including developing the necessary documentation.

We have a strong and extensive track record of assisting clients listing their bonds in Oslo and other market places in Europe. 

Debt capital markets are challenging and complex to navigate. Successfully completing a debt offering requires thoughtful planning and precision execution — we can provide the expertise to get you there.

Post IPO Support

Your IPO or listing is just the beginning. Once listed, your company will be under far greater public and regulatory scrutiny than ever before, with a wider universe of stakeholders, associated risks and obligations to manage.

You will need to ensure that you have robust processes and procedures in place to fulfil your obligations as a public company, where managing potential risks to protect your company's reputation, safeguard your credibility and retain investor confidence. We can support you post IPO on a wide range of public company matters, including financial reporting, corporate governance, risk management, as well as in future capital transactions.


Value creation in transactions

A listing process or an IPO is a key strategic process for creating and enhancing the value of your business. As the process becomes ever more complex and increasing in size the expectations of value capture has also increased. Identifying a clear value creation potential for the transaction will ensure success and deliver shareholder value after the transaction is completed. 

Our Capital Markets Advisory team can provide the critical capital market judgements needed throughout the listing process: Underwriter selection, equity story, valuation comparables, investment thesis and investor targeting. We sit at your side throughout the whole transaction, from early strategic discussion and planning, to pricing and beyond, helping you to navigate the complexity and to get the best from the broader advisory team. You get authoritative, independent advice as we have no obligations to institutional investors or banks. In addition, we bring the experience, skills and the large resources of PwC to get the deal done.

Our knowledge can help you make sure that no potential shareholder value is overlooked by bringing together our capabilities throughout the whole listing process.

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