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In an ever more rapidly changing business landscape all companies and CFOs face changes and new challenges more frequently than ever before. We want to be there with you and offer our thoughts, insights and perspectives on the changes and challenges you are facing in a more and more complex regulatory environment.

The PwC CFO support offer you an experienced sparring partner, who will be your trusted adviser. You will get feedback on your thoughts and concerns when you need the input. As your trusted advisor we will always guarantee that relevant resources are available when you need them.

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Business combinations

A business combination is often a critical event for your company and your resources are often under pressure.Both the accounting but also other consequences, such as tax effects are important to your company. 

As your trusted advisor we will support you in the process of managing the project and make sure that all aspects of the transaction are considered at the same time. 

We will also help you illustrate the accounting effects of the transaction before closing and support you in finalizing relevant accounting documentation. 

IFRS accounting for transactions and events

IFRS accounting are becoming more and more complex. It is often difficult to find both the preferred and acceptable solution to an event or transaction. Especially if the situation is new to the company or not a regular transaction. 

As your trusted advisor we will help you form a view and make sure that you and your company select the preferred accounting solution if there is more than one option. This includes the assessment of related effects, such as tax and other consequences.

Hallvard Aarø

Partner | Leader in Region Vest, Bergen, PwC Norway

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Sjur Holseter

Partner, Oslo, PwC Norway

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Owen Lewis

Partner, Oslo, PwC Norway

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