Stakeholder Communication

Value enhancing communication with your stakeholders

Through stakeholder communication you can make the value that your business creates visible – and the impact this has on the planet and our people – across economic, social and environmental dimensions. It’s not just shareholders who want to understand this to inform their decisions. Other stakeholders are looking at your company’s broader performance and impact – from customers, suppliers and employees, to governments, regulators and society in general. 

Insightful, holistic and trusted communication plays a vital role in the success of your business – providing crucial information for meeting stakeholder needs, management’s internal decision making and complying with regulatory requirements.

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Investor Relations

Through effective communication you can build greater trust and confidence with your investors and potential investors and increase their understanding of your business and equity story. Make sure your Investor Relations webpage meets stakeholders expectations to make it a value enhancing marketing and information source that is in line with best practice.

We can help you identify the ambition level for your IR page and the concrete steps you can take to get there through our IR Benchmark assessment.

Prove the equity story

The equity story is the narrative of ‘Why invest in us’ story. The story should be clear, trustworthy and tailored to the audience. The equity story is an important source to present the corporate image of the company and to create an understanding of the underlying performance of the business. Investors need to have trust and confidence in your story and business to ensure an accurate pricing of your company. The more it is backed by evidence and hard facts the better. This requires good integrated reporting and communication that underpin and support the equity story. 

We can assist you with presenting the equity story in a trustworthy way, backed with facts and figures that will ensure the stakeholder’s trust and understanding of the company. We ensure that your reporting is in line with the trends, expectations and requirements, by using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Alternative Performance Measures (APMs).

Sustainability Reporting

There is increasing importance and focus on including the company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance and strategic plans as part of your company's larger equity story. In this new environment, you need to communicate your company’s ESG performance and strategy in a coherent and transparent manner without making unsubstantiated or misleading claims — or “greenwashing” your story.

We can help you with identifying best practice for sustainability reporting for your business, defining relevant KPIs and objectives, quality assurance of indicators and developing the structure and contents of reports. We also assist companies with climate reporting and climate risk reporting in accordance with various reporting frameworks and standards.

xBRL and ESEF (European Single Electronic Format)

All companies with listed securities (equity or bonds) on a regulated market in the EU are required to prepare an annual report in an electronic format (iXBRL). In short, consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS must be labeled with iXBRL “tags” that makes the information machine-readable. This increases the comparability and usability of financial information as investors can easily extract the tagged data and enhance the transparency of the capital markets. 

We can assist you with the implementation of European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) requirements, suggest potential IT solutions and advice about their relative benefits.

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