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We help our clients realise the business value available in IT

Digitalisation creates big differences between organisations; Those who realise the potential achieve large profits compared to others. This is especially noted in the ability to change, scalability and efficiency.

There are several keywords for best to exploit the digital possibilities, for instance:

  • Automated processes
  • User-oriented services
  • Cloud Services
  • Robotics
  • Integration
  • Data analysis

Unfortunately, the reality for many is characterized by being in an early digital phase, with an aging system portfolio, low level of interaction between systems, limited IT capacity and/or rigid agreements with suppliers. This limits the ability to reap digital profits.

We have long experience - and have gained valuable lessons - linked to how technology can help companies reach their strategic goals. Our clients experience that we work closely together with them to realise the digital potential. We help them establish or customise IT features to become one central, comprehensive and strategically important part of the business. 

PwC is vendor independent. This means that we can offer technical expertise across strategy, business architecture and solution design, organisation, process and project management, without favouring solution or predetermined choice of technology. This helps us provide independent services, solely the business' strategic goals at the center. 

Business Technology

Digital business model and target image

Digitisation is about using technology to renew, simplify and improve. This requires willingness to change, implementability and creativity. A successful digital venture creates new business models that include:

  • Focus on fast customer/user-oriented innovation
  • Comprehensive digital customer experience with digitised end-to-end processes
  • Digitised products and services as part of an ecosystem with partners and suppliers
  • Digital operationalisation through providing the organisation with expertise and technology
  • With our deep industry knowledge and business-oriented technology expertise, we can help you find and exploit digital business opportunities.

    Digital business models and digital targeting are developed through a structured process that runs closely with the customer. The process includes:
  • Mapping of today's situation
  • Hypotheses about tomorrow's image
  • Analyzes of internal and external influences
  • Design of digital business models
  • Design of digital target image

We design an accompanying roadmap with concrete initiatives to be implemented under a sensible management model that provides good interaction between technology and business.

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Digital interaction and automation of processes

Digital interaction is a term that answers many of the new requirements for companies that follow the wake of digitalisation. For example, we are thinking of increased international competition in more and more markets, more demanding customers, more mobile employees and a sustained demand for increased efficiency.

The application areas for digital interaction are endless. Including everything from collecting data in a joint area, accessible to all involved when needed, to advanced real-time collaboration, where sharing of text, audio and video are key elements.

When cost-effective technology is chosen to achieve digitalisation, we in PwC help you using our strategically oriented technology expertise and insight into the supplier market.

Typical assistance from us could be:

  • Review of interaction internally and externally
  • Identify and map processes that may be relevant to automation
  • Simplify and standardise processes
  • Implement software robots
  • Digital employees
  • Technology trends and how they can affect interaction and automation

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Effective and business oriented IT function

A professional and business-oriented management of the IT business is necessary to ensure the realisation of business value.

A common problem in Norwegian as well as international IT departments is that administration and maintenance of previous investments shed a disproportionate share of resources. This at the expense of improving IT operations, as well as business development and innovation. Both parts are important, but the magic lies in finding the right balance, and an efficient flow of services that meet the business needs.

PwC offers the knowledge and tools that enable both IT management and other business management to shorten lead times and increase output from IT services, so that focus can be more pointed to measures that can realise additional business value.

Our global and local experience enables us to offer a holistic approach ranging from establishing and/or optimising a business-oriented IT management model to how services are measured and followed up. The goal is to ensure that the right services are delivered and developed in line with the business needs.

We can assist with professional expertise and global experience in:

  • IT management models included:
  •     Organization
  •     Process
  •     Governance
  •     Design and establishment of management models


  • Including areas such as
  •     scorecard
  •     investment planning
  •     enterprise architecture
  •     solution architecture
  •     project and portfolio management
  •     supplier management
  •     service management

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Sourcing, procurement and implementation

There are many things that create the need for changes and improvements in today's IT solutions in a company: Change drivers may be the desire for digitalisation, creation of new business areas, need to streamline and automate existing processes, regulatory requirements and/or the need for modernisation of technology.

Through experience from sourcing and procurement processes both national and international, PwC has developed a structured approach that ensures clear rational for implementation and good completion of such change projects. All the way, we help ensure that the changes support the business strategy and that they actually improve processes, services, and systems.

We are a supplier independent and objective partner, and we closely monitor development trends and have a good insight into the supplier market.

Our methodology covers all phases of such a project, and we can offer integrated or individual services, among others related to:

  • Preliminary study with establishment of business case and diet/benefit assessments
  • Establishing and realisation of sourcing strategy
  • Needs assessment and evaluation of work processes - preparation of requirements specification and other tender documents
  • Analysis of the system and supplier market
  • Evaluation and choice of system and supplier, as well as contract negotiations
  • Prepare and involve the organisation for receipt of a new solution, with associated process changes
  • Profit planning and realisation (change management and measurement)

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Project-, program, and portfolio management

Our customers have often experienced challenges related to the establishment phase of projects, but also in the implementation and profit identification of these. These are among the findings in surveys we have conducted over the last ten years. In the implementation itself, the challenges are related to changes in the scope of projects, risk management and lack of anchoring in management, the line and resource challenges.

Among other things PwC can contribute with the following services in this area:

  • Support for establishing project, program and portfolio processes with decision points
  • Establishment and operation of program and portfolio offices, with roles, responsibilities and templates
  • Establishment of project and program management that ensures that the right projects are prioritised and implemented/followed up in an overall perspective - for managing resources, standardized reporting and establishing fixed decision points
  • Project, program and portfolio organization, as well as documentation of best practice in project management
  • Handling of risk, risk management and change management
  • Framework for profit planning and realisation
  • Project audit and project protection in accordance with good practice

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