Vendor Due Diligence

A financial review of a sales item

To ensure an efficient sales process the vendor should present clear and concise financial information to potential buyers. An independent review gives potential buyers confidence and insight into the business, and the underlying profitability.

Our specialists will be working together with company management and their financial advisors to ensure that relevant opportunities and challenges are identified and that appropriate steps are taken to address them.

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Why does it pay off?

Benefits for the seller

  • Provides increased control over the process and information, and greater comfort in relation to quality of the figures
  • Financial, commercial and operational areas of risk and opportunities are identified
  • Creates the right expectations
  • Allows the seller to handle identified issues that may affect valuation in advance

Benefits for the buyer

  • The buyer will be presented with financial information and analyses in a balanced and objective manner
  • Provides a better decision basis and can be used as support in relation to the financing of the acquisition
  • Makes the process more efficient and reduces the need for internal resources and consultants in connection with the transaction

Benefits for the company

  • Reduces workload for management and other employees involved.
  • Adapts the process to the management’s other obligations.
  • Enables management to address matters that may be raised by an potential purchaser at an early stage.
  • Helps to increase management ownership of the transaction and understanding of the sales process.

What is a Vendor Due Diligence?

A Vendor Due Diligence (VDD) is a financial review of a sales object on behalf of seller which illuminates questions and issues that are relevant to potential buyers of the business.

Analyses and findings related to financial and tax issues are presented to the seller and are summarised in a report that later is shared with potential buyers. This gives buyers a quick and good understanding of the business’ financial situation and development.

Vendor Assistance

We also offer Vendor Assistance as a related service to VDD. This will typically include help in connection with structuring of financial information and other customised support to seller throughout the transaction process. 

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