Company Law

We can help you with all company law issues

We have extensive experience in advising on administration of companies and company law compliance, including corporate governance, equity capital transactions, mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, structuring and restructuring.

Our company law experts can also draw on the expertise of our other areas of legal services, and can therefore assist company management, shareholders and other interested parties with particularly complex matters, and are able to look at company law matters from an overall perspective. Our global network provides effective means of assisting in company law matters in other jurisdictions and across borders.

We can help with:

  • Assistance for all types of companies, including AS, ASA, KS, ANS, DA, IS, NUF, sole proprietorship, joint ownership, cooperatives, county and municipal enterprises, inter-municipal enterprises, state enterprises, foundations, etc.
  • Capital increase and other equity transactions, use of various equity instruments
  • Company law structuring, including mergers and de-mergers, incorporation and liquidation
  • Corporate governance: assistance relating to the roles of the board of directors, the CEO and the business’ owners, other corporate governance, assistance in connection with the holding of board meetings and general meetings
  • Assessments under Norwegian company law, as a framework for the companies’ day-to-day operations, etc.
  • Company law related disputes


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