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Business acquisitions raise a variety of legal questions. We have extensive experience in assisting buyers and sellers in these processes - through the initial planning phase, in due diligence, contract negotiations and post merger integration. 

We cooperate closely with our colleagues in PwC Deals and Tax, allowing us to provide a seamless and fully integrated service covering all disciplines that are material in connection with mergers and acquisitions.

As part of PwC’s global network of lawyers and other M&A advisors, we can in a very efficient manner set up teams that are suited for different international transactions.

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Legal due diligence

We assist with legal due diligence in connection with transactions. Our review is adapted to the customer’s needs, meaning that the review can be carried out as a general review of the target company’s legal matters or with a focus on certain defined risk areas. 

The purpose is to reveal practically important issues and provide concrete proposals for solutions, in order for potential risks to be handled prior to entering into an agreement or to be handled by regulation in the agreement. 

Our cooperation with PwC Deals and Tax enables us to offer an integrated due diligence product covering financial, tax and legal due diligence.  

Agreements and negotiations

We have extensive experience in assisting in sales processes, both in connection with establishing transaction structure and time plan, and as lawyer in agreement negotiations. 

Several agreements will typically be relevant in these processes, e.g. non disclosure agreement, letter of intent and share purchase agreement. We ensure that our client’s interests are protected in the agreements, and contribute to efficient negotiation solutions in line with market practice.

Shareholder cooperation and incentive schemes

We assist in drafting of shareholder agreements, both in connection with acquisitions where the seller continues as shareholder and in connection with share issues and incorporation of new businesses. 

Further, we assist with agreements and documentation related to management incentive programs (MIP), another area where we cooperate closely with PwC Deals and Tax. 

Post merger integration

If needed we also assist in integration processes post closing, for instance in clean up of corporate documentation in the target company, entry into of new employment agreements or new intra group agreements. 

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