Antitrust Compliance

Does your business comply with the law?

We assist in ensuring that your business meets the requirements. This includes support to understand what the legal regulations means for your business, review of existing procedures and implementation of new ones, as well as investigation and handling any.

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Does your business comply with the law?
Does your business comply with the law?

Compliance with competition legislation is increasingly important.

Every company is obliged to ensure that it does not violate the prohibitions on illegal cooperation or abuse of market power. In these areas Norwegian companies must to a large extent relate to a legal situation that follows development within the EU/EEA.

Domestic and international competition authorities prioritize investigation and sanctioning of serious violations such as price fixing, market sharing, bid rigging or exclusionary abuse of market power. The consequences of such violations can be substantial.

We offer the following services for compliance with the Competition Act’s rules:
  • Get an overview of the current risk situation: What is the likelihood that your company may be affected, and what consequences could then occur? Analysis based on information about the company's business, products and market situation
  • Advice regarding the prioritisation of measures to reduce regulatory risk
  • Develop processes, principles, guidelines, whistle-blower routines and other appropriate measures, specially adapted to the business in question
  • Assist in the preparation of the implementation plan, and the actual implementation
  • Advice regarding regulations on leniency (amnesty)
  • General competition law advice

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