Good management is important in order to prepare and deliver according to a good business strategy, develop organisations and to build an adapted organisational culture. We work closely together with leaders and management teams to understand management success, personal management qualifications, roles and styles of leadership. Thus we can help leaders develop good future goals and strategies for their own business and understand its influence.

In a rapidly changing market the success of the organisation is dependent on the leader roles being held by the right leaders and leader teams. Several organisations do not have the right tools, systems or the culture required to manage to know what is needed for the organisation to grow in the future. Our expertise on management will be helpful to your organisation in situations as:

  • Upon arrival of a new top management
  • Establishing or phasing in new management or business strategy
  • Poor performance
  • Assessment of management composition after mergers or other restructuring
  • Realisation of a key project
  • When trust in management is weak
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Among the things we can help you with:

Our approach is founded on 20 years of research by the Katzenback Center, a centre of excellence in the areas of organisational culture, management, informal organisation and motivation, giving us the best tools and methods in the area. We assist our customers in areas such as:

  • Provide leaders with better understanding of own and management knowledge
  • Appraise individual and management effectiveness
  • The manager will acquire knowledge about how teams in the organisation can be lifted from medium to high performance
  • Management will obtain insight to tools suitable for practical us their organisation
  • Strengthen the quality of your management
  • Help management to lead the organisation and teams more effectively
  • Design and execute development programs, workshops etc. 
  • Develop inspiring and forward thinking leaders who deliver good results


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