Organisational culture

We assist you in developing organisational culture by focusing on the values and behavioural changes that have the greatest potential in achieving the desired goals and results of the organisation.

A good organisational culture is critical for success

More than 80% of leaders say culture is critical for success of their organisation. More than half of them sees it as a greater success factor than both strategy and operating model.

A solid value base

In order to build a good and successful culture in an organisation, you need a solid value base. The values tell us who we want to be and gives us the recipe to good and correct conduct. Firmly planted cultural values motivates employees to do a good job, thereby creating better results.

Therefore we look at organisational culture as one of the key success criteria for achieving results. Our consultants are certified to identify and develop value-based leadership and organisational culture.

In collaboration with the customer, we handle different challenges, such as:

  • What inhibits the organisation from performing?
  • A merger between two or more companies will take place and there is need to identify and integrate different cultures in the best possible way, and create a common organisational culture.
  • Today's culture does not match the strategic shifts that are necessary for the organisation.
  • The organisation experiences challenges with the work environment


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Hege Gabrielsen, Partner PwC Consulting

Hege Gabrielsen, Partner, PwC Consulting

How can we help you?

  • Measure connection between strategy, operating model and culture and identify relevant gaps
  • Assess existing culture and defining future cultural ambitions
  • Design and implement plan for development of the desired culture focusing on critical success factors that promote performance, with active participation from people involved
  • Monitor how culture and behaviour changes over time to ensure the desired direction


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Ole Schei Martinsen

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Hege Gabrielsen

Hege Gabrielsen

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