People analytics and insights

People Analytics and Insight is about identifying and exploiting all available HR data in the organisation in order to create better insight and basis for decisions.

Data based insight on employees can for instance help identify which employees are likely to leave the company, what characterises the best employees or how effectively different teams work with their leader. Good data sources, combined with analyses tools, enable you to make decisions based on facts to realise employee potential and optimise operations.

We offer a broad range of services within people analytics and insight. Among the services we provide are analysis of employee data, development of analytical tools, benchmarking, and assisting the organisations in building an analytics function. Through our national professional environment and global network of specialists we have the capacity to solve most problems. We work closely with our customers to deal with current challenges:

  • Lack of analytical capacity and reporting within HR
  • Challenging to coordinate data between different HR-systems
  • High costs in connection with recruitment, but still challenging to find the right expertise
  • Demanding to keep the best employees
  • Uncertainty regarding what is relevant training material
  • The desire to remain an exciting and attractive employer to an ever more diverse group of employees
  • Challenging to identify and follow up on employee satisfaction
People analytics and insights


Some of the matters we can help you with:

Our approach is to collect data, analytics and reporting in a way that helps you respond to challenges and possibilities to realise employee potential:  

  • Collecting, consolidating and cleaning relevant data
  • Applying intelligent techniques to uncover insight from relevant data
  • Reporting in a user-friendly format which facilitates effective workforce decision-making


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