People in deals

Mergers and Acquisitions are important strategic tools to stay ahead of today's complex and competitive global markets. Increasing complexity, scope and M&A across borders increases the risk that transactions fail to reach expected goals. Relevant risks include; over pricing, weak integration and lack of synergies, weak financial results and loss of share value. A fundamental part of all risk elements is how one evaluates and manages the organisation human capital.

We assist our customers in creating value though management of human capital risk elements at every stage of the transaction, including due diligence, pre-close and post-close support. The right focus and thorough planning ahead of and through the process strengthens our ability to obtain necessary knowledge and insight to the organisation's human capital and contribute to a successful transaction. In cooperation with our customers we handle various challenges that may arise:  

  • Evaluating human capital issues that affects the price, integration and synergies
  • Need to enhance transaction value through human capital programs
  • Require a greater focus on managing talent and the cultural impact of the transaction
  • Need for flexible HR professionals to handle new issues that arise when the HR-function do not have the capacity to handle new needs that arise in connection with transactions
  • In the wake of several acquisitions/sales; a subsequent need to establish a team with specific responsibility for handling human capital to meet expected goals related to the success of the transaction
People in Deals


Some of the matters we can help you with:

We ensure that value is created at every stage of a transaction with a common set of services.

  • HR Due Diligence Services – Identify HR related, employment law and organisational challenges that may increase risk or impact price, expected synergies or outcome of the transaction
  • Pre-Close: Preparation of project plans for every area of HR, handle the execution and planning in accordance with overall project plans, define management teams, organisation structure and transformation culture.
  • Post-Close: Secure progress and a good "Day 1" experience, provide communication and implementation of all aspects of the HR integration, including the HR function, HR technology and reward and incentive structures.
  • Post Merger Integration: Not only focused on human capital in transactions, but secures planning, execution and follow-up throughout the transaction and integration to ensure expected synergies and success of the transaction


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