Simplified auditor review

PwC performs limited audits of interim reports for our clients. It is a simpler and less expensive product than an ordinary audit, where the objective is to increase confidence in financial reporting.

A simplified auditor review is relevant when:

  • There is a need for increased confidence in interim accounts beyond which the management and the board themselves can 
  • The owners want confirmation that the interim financial statements give a true and fair view
  • Management wishes to assure both themselves and the market that the accounts are of satisfactory quality
  • There is a need for a less expensive, faster and easier process than an ordinary/ annual audit

How PwC can help:

PwC delivers limited reviews of interim financial statements that instil greater confidence in the financial information to end-users. Through our broad range of expertise and our internal collaboration, PwC provides a constructive dialogue on effective solutions to complex accounting and tax challenges that will be of value to our clients.