Cyber Security

Data security for companies and the public sector

Securing valuable information and data requires a team that can solve complex challenges in the boundaries between technology, law and privacy, internal control and risk management. We have that team.

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You receive custom made solutions, and we use effective tools and methods that are well documented.

Eldar Lorentzen LillevikHead of Cyber Security

Will your business survive a cyber attack?

Cyber security must be prioritised if you want to stay competitive. The business must understand and be able to demonstrate at security controls function effectively.

Digitising business processes leads to an increase in the attack surface. Various threatening actors can exploit vulnerabilities in order to obtain unauthorised access to the company's crown jewels. Customers expect more from those who handle their information, and additionally many companies comply with ever higher demands from supervisory authorities.

Development makes it challenging to understand how use of new technology may be affected by threatening actors, for instance:

  • What vulnerabilities exist in the IT infrastructure
  • How mature and effective are existing defence mechanisms
  • To what degree the defence mechanisms satisfy regulatory demands
  • How vulnerability affects the company's risk profile
  • Whether existing security controls are adjusted to the threat landscape the company operates in

We can help you with:

Ethical hacking, penetration testing and "red teaming"

Ethical hacking, penetration testing and "red teaming" are effective methods to test the company's ability to prevent and discover attack attempts. To create the greatest value for the business these tests should be carried out as realistically as possible.

This will give companies the possibility to prioritise efforts based on realistic threat scenarios, thus reducing risk.

Handling data breaches

Does your company need immediate assistance? We are one of very few companies offering a holistic approach to handling security threatening incidents.

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Handling cyber threats

We help you discover potential threats, but also with the handling of an already existing event.

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Secure transformation

We shape transformation strategies where security is taken care of from the start.

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Technology: implementation and operations

We help you to effectively integrate technology systems in your company, and to manage them in order to increase cyber security.

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Eomployees in PwC Cyber cheering to have been named best cyber advisors by Forrester

PwC leading on Cyber Security

PwC have been named the best cyber advisors by the Forrester Wave. That gives reason to cheer! Here you see some of the people working with cyber in PwC Norway.

Read Forrester Wave TM rationale

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