Cyber Security

In a landscape with an increasing number of threats and regulatory requirements, the link between security and digitalisation becomes even more important.

We help you and your organisation prevent, uncover and manage security breaches.


Valuable information and data must be protected and secured. This requires a team that can solve complex challenges in the boundaries between technology, law and privacy, internal control and risk management.

This is where PwC comes in.


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Data Security

Access to data has never before been more important. Large amounts of data gives a huge competitive advantage in the market - this provides a unique opportunity in gaining insight into the world we live in.

But as you already know, valuable data can be lost in seconds.




We assist in tailoring a strategy that secures the company's most important assets.

The strategy is based on our "health check" where we ask the following questions:
  • Do you live by statutory requirements for information security and privacy?
  • How can the business detect and prevent unwanted access to the "crown jewels", and what will be required to reduce the risk to an acceptable level?
  • How does the data security work support the overall goals of the business?
  • How does the business invest in defence mechanisms, and who conducts the data security work?
  • How does the business handle cyber security in connection with acquisitions, expansion into new markets and product launches?
  • How does the business measure the cyber security work? How is the business status compared to others in the same industry?
  • What can the business earn from participating in information sharing programmes with other relevant companies and organisations?
  • How does the business relate to insurance against data theft, and what is covered by any insurance policies?
  • How does the business keep their employees up to date on knowledge of cyber security?
  • How does the business ensure that IT vendors safeguard enough security?




Our services

Managing cyber threats - Identify and map, protect, maintain and detect, manage and restore

We help you discover potential threats, but also with the handling of an already occurring event. We give you tailor made solutions, and we use effective tools and methods that are well documented.

Our services
  • Contingency planning and exercises
  • Incident Readiness and Incident Response
  • Transformation of company's Security Operation Center
  • Threat Intelligence and vulnerability management
  • Attack - and penetration testing

Strategy and transformation: Growth through new technology

Most Norwegian companies utilise new technology to develop products, services and to optimise their own business model. However, many do not consider the emerging cyber threats which can affect the company's business needs.

We help you design transformation strategies where security has been safeguarded from the start.

Our services:
  • Strategy development and transformation
  • Cyber security and management of risk
  • Supplier management
  • Information security management systems
  • Security assessment of emerging technology
  • Sky security
  • Security awareness training and cultural transformation 

Privacy and consumer protection: Build trust and loyalty in the market

Norwegian companies are faced with a growing mixture of new data protection- and privacy regulations. Simultaneously there are great advantages in securing good control of the business data.

If you have control of how your company collects, uses and deletes data, you will also be able to use this to create value in a more secure and efficient way.

We help you create privacy programs that comply with global data and privacy regulations, and which increases customer trust.

Our services:
  • Assessment of company privacy readiness
  • Privacy transformation
  • Personal steering of privacy information 
  • GDPR

Implementation and operations: Integrate, administrate and improve technology and data systems

Leaders want to focus on opportunities that move the company forward. This can be challenging if a security incident or privacy challenge is taking attention.

We can help you to effectively integrate new and existing technology systems in your company, and actively manage them for continuous improvements that will improve your cyber security.

Our services:
  • Identify and access control
  • Analyses and surveillance
  • Security architecture
  • Security risk and reporting

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