Internal controls

Strong governance involves setting clear goals for the business, providing structure and guidelines on how to reach the goals, managing risks and, in a systematic manner, ensuring that procedures and controls activities are in place in the organization for compliance.

Internal control is a process that involves all these elements, but is first and foremost about the processes ensuring that the business reaches its objectives.
The objectives related to internal controls are often divided into the following areas: effective and efficient operations, reliable financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. When this is done right, it helps to increase profitability while reducing risks. PwC is committed to making good internal controls both cost-effective and tailored to the organization's risk environment and complexity.

How PwC can assist:

Our experts can help you with both evaluating existing internal controls, and the creation or improvement of the framework of internal controls appropriate to your business. PwC has extensive experience with internal control projects and our employees have solid auditing and consultancy experience.

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Eli Moe-Helgesen, Parter | National Leader Assurance

Eli Moe-Helgesen, Parter | National Leader Assurance

We can help you with:

PwC has one of Norway's leading centres of excellence to assist large and small companies develop or improve their internal control in an appropriate and cost-effective manner. This competence was largely developed through projects establishing SOX internal controls for some of Norway's largest corporations. Based on our broad experience we have established a an internal control database of standard process descriptions, risks and controls descriptions. We can tailor these to your business and implement projects in a resource efficient manner.

1. Internal control diagnostic

We can assist in carrying out a diagnostic of thoroughness and quality in the current internal controls. Diagnostic work will result in the submission of a report with observations, assessments against best practices and recommendations for further improvements. The scope of the review can, as requested, cover management controls, transaction processes, IT processes, etc.

2. Establish internal controls

We can assist in projects to establish internal controls, with mapping of processes, identification of the most critical risks, design and implementation of routines and controls, and the establishment of monitoring processes to ensure continued maintenance and compliance.

3. Further develop internal controls

Our experts can help you develop an internal control structure appropriate to your business, based on good practice. Our assistance will help you to ensure a viable framework with processes for monitoring compliance, maintenance and continuous improvement. The solutions are adjusted to the company's level of ambition.


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Eli  Moe-Helgesen

Eli Moe-Helgesen

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Gøril Hyni

Gøril Hyni

Partner | Auditor, PwC Norway

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