Risk Management

All organisations face uncertainty, and the challenge for the management is to determine how much uncertainty in acceptable in order to create maximum value for its stakeholders.

Effective risk management is necessary to ensure that maximum value creation, and is achieved by setting the strategy and objectives so that there is an optimal balance between the company's growth and profitability targets, and the risk of not achieving the targets and costs related to any mitigating measures.

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With good risk management company management will continuously have a better overview of the company's risks, and know which risks call for measures to ensure maximum profitability.

Risk Management Services assists companies establish and maintain effective risk management systems. It involves determining acceptable risk, conducting risk assessments and prioritizing risk-control measures. PwC focuses on integrated risk management including assisting with mapping, monitoring and managing the risks facing the business. PwC has unique expertise and experience in delivering these services in the field of Risk Management.



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