Norwegian corporate tax

Norwegian corporate tax and tax planning has become more comprehensive and opaque for the companies. At the same time it is more important for the company reputation and finance.

Rules and regulations frequently change, and there is rarely talk of simplifications. Our lawyers can assist your company with among others:
  • Review the tax treatment of investments and acquisitions
  • Analyse the financial meaning of alternative taxable treatments
  • Plan upcoming transactions
  • Questions you have regarding tax returns
  • Timely and accurate tax reporting
  • Contact between your company and the tax authorities

The lawyers in PwC have extensive knowledge of Norwegian corporation tax and its interaction with accounts and reporting. We focus on both possibilities and risk, so that we together can find the best solution in your specific situation, so that you corporate tax supports your commercial goals and the rules are adhered.

PwC is global, but also Norwegian and local, and where you are.

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