SAF-T standard format

SAF-T Financial is now being introduced

As of 1st of January 2020, it will be mandatory for companies to report on the SAF-T format for the accounting period starting the 1st of January 2020. Companies using cash registers are as of 2019 already obliged to use systems that are pre-approved in accordance with the SAF-T Cash Register. 

We can  assist with your SAF-T reporting.

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How can we help you?

We can offer workshops and ongoing SAF-T consulting, including:
  • Content and obligations for SAF-T
  • Choice of implementation solution 
  • How the SAF-T requirements should be implemented in your company 
  • Assistance with mapping 
  • Applying for a dispensation from the SAF-T requirements 
  • Applying for a postponement to be compliant with the SAF-T requirements  

PwC SAF-T converter 

  • We have developed a conversion solution customised to fit Norwegian SAF-T 
  • Accounting data is extracted in an Excel template 
    • Creates flexibility and the possibility for automation. 
  • PwC provides a SAF-T file. 
  • The SAF-T file is delivered via Altinn

We offer a broad spectrum of analysis- and validation services. 

Technical validation: We offer testing of SAF-T reports from different conversion solutions to ensure that the file meets the technical requirements in Altinn.

Analysis of your accounts: We offer analysis of SAF-T reports from a bookkeeping perspective, including:

  • Internal consistency of reporting
  • Working capital. 
  • Liquidity
  • Analysis of the VAT-reporting 
    • We carry out an analysis of common errors that are usually discovered in connection with VAT audits
    • All analyses are presented in a dashboard
Use SAF-T as a tool to ensure for the quality of your VAT reporting

We can assist with carrying out various controls of your accounting material to easily detect any:

  • Deviations between the VAT returns and the accounting data
  • Double booking of invoices 
  • Correct VAT treatment of services purchased from abroad
  • Use of correct VAT rates 
  • Errors in the VAT return, such as incorrect VAT deductions


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What is SAF-T?

SAF-T (“Standard Audit File - Tax Financial”) is a standard format for the reporting of electronic accounting data, upon request by the Tax Authorities. The format is developed in collaboration by industry organisations, system suppliers and the Tax Authorities in accordance with a template developed by the OECD. SAF-T will come into force from the 1st of January 2020. 

Who is required to report SAF-T files in Norway?  

All companies that are subject to the bookkeeping legislation, that have supplies exceeding NOK 5 million or more, as well as companies (subject to the bookkeeping legislation), that store their accounting data electronically, are liable to report their accounting data in the SAF-T format. 

Which data shall be reported in the SAF-T file? 

In connection with the digitalisation and automation of controls, the Tax Authorities will request that the accounting data is reported electronically in the SAF-T format. Initially, the Tax Authorities may request for the following accounting data to be provided in .xml format 

  • General ledger on a transaction level
  • Balance sheet in a standard format
  • Accounts receivable (customer ledger)
  • Accounts payable (supplier ledger)
  • VAT codes in a standard format
  • Various master data about the company

It is expected that the SAF-T reporting will be expanded to include other data, and that the control of accounting data will pass from isolated audits to become periodic, with ongoing (”live”) reporting via altinn.

SAF-T with PwC - what does it mean to you? 


  • Your life made easier with a one-stop-shop solution: a unique and distinctive PwC technology. 
  • Be completely compatible: we guarantee a system that is up-to-date in accordance with any legislative changes. 
  • A safe environment for cooperation and transparency 
  • Flexibility and efficiency: upload your data regardless of your accounting system
  • Analysis of your data upon request, to help you make the right decisions


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