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Shipping, offshore and oil service

We have one of the countries' leading counseling environment within shipping, offshore and oil service

Our Norwegian team have built up dedicated knowledge after having, for several years, assisted both Norwegian and international large and medium sized companies with challenges regarding tax, duties, company law and other areas of corporate law both in Norway and not least abroad.

With the support of our global network in 158 countries and close cooperation with NGOs for shipping, offshore and oil service we are well equipped to assist and influence the legal landscape where necessary within all parts of the value chain - from suppliers to shipping companies, oil service companies, companies working with offshore wind and other types of aqua based operators.

How can we help you?

  • Structuring of establishments in Norway and abroad, including optimisation of legal structure and contractual structure based on internal law and tax treaty solutions.
  • Tax advice related to the shipping company tax scheme, including regulations for taxation upon entry, consecutive taxation under the scheme, flag requirements and exit
  • Tax advice related to foreign shipping tax regimes (tonnage tax regimes).
  • Internal pricing issues, including assistance in determining internal rental payments for rigs, ships and other offshore assets, etc.
  • Assessment and design of tax and excise clauses in offshore contracts.
  • Tax modelling
  • Reporting in Norway and abroad
  • Change of Equation, Dispute Resolution, Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP)
  • Contact with the tax authorities
  • Possible duty of registration for VAT or equivalent indirect taxes in Norway and abroad
  • VAT and indirect tax effects for various types of purchasing and sales models, including production and deliveries across national borders in Norway and abroad
  • Tax consultancy and structuring related to contracts used in connection with goods and services deliveries in Norway and abroad.
  • Possible exemption schemes for VAT and customs duties in Norway and abroad
  • Fixed operating place for tax and value added tax abroad
  • Any customs and special duty obligations for ships or facilities imported on a more permanent basis abroad


Contact us

Hilde Thorstad

Advocate | Partner, Oslo, PwC Norway

+ 47 952 60 548


Pål Tangen Heggernes

Advocate | Partner, Oslo, PwC Norway

+ 47 952 60 455


Espen Qvist

Advocate | Partner, Oslo, PwC Norway

+47 952 60 407