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We go beyond merely imagining what the future will look like and instead, aim to be part of shaping the future by exploring, testing and creating it.


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To design and develop a new product or service, we need creativity and the right element to be able to take these ideas into something tangible.  

At the EEC, we offer an environment that will help enhance collaboration, interaction, and take the customers idea from strategy  to execution.

The service is suitable for leaders and top management teams who wants to establish an agreed strategic objective to digitalisation and innovation.

Understand + Digital is a program that lasts 3-4 days and the content is adapted to each client case.

3-4 Days

This service uncovers opportunities and challenges through creative problem solving.

Through this service, we will support you in how to analyse, problem solve and think differently to open up for new opportunities and perspectives.

We will support you with a customized team of experts from our ecosystem and collaboration partners including Design Thinkers, Data Analysts, Technologists and UX designers. By making use of a unique combination, we believe this will accelerate problem solving and ensure that the opportunities and challenges are tackled in advance of prototype and deployment.

This service is adapted to the context of the customer.

This service accelerates the process of uncovering opportunities and challenges through creative problem solving.

Through defined workshops with project teams, we will facilitate design sprints that will help prioritise opportunities and define capabilities that will align with the clients strategic objectives.

An important part of this service is to define "the art of the possible", of which we will use national and international resources so that our clients have access to the market's leading expertise. This service is adapted to each client context.

This service is adapted to the context of the customer.

This service will standardise data capture and validation prior to Frame + Resolve + Build.

The validation ends up in a go / no-go decision on the quality and suitability of databases to support the creative process and the development of prototypes for digital target image testing.

To deliver this service, we work with our ecosystem and leading partners so that our customers have access to the right expertise on demand.

This service is adapted to the context of the customer.

“The PwC Energy Experience Centre will facilitate and drive innovation for our Energy clients. Facilitate collaboration and sharing of experience between the industry, external specialists and selected vendors”

Eirik RasmussenOil and Gas & Digital Partner, Energy Experience Center

How can we support you and your business?

We are launching the Energy Experience Center to help clients accelerate digital innovation and transformation. Through our Experience Center we will offer an ecosystem of talents, solutions, and an environment that combines the best partnerships and advice to help our clients create next generation experiences for customers, employees, and partners.

The Energy Experience Center is a showroom, both for our business clients and partners, who want to see our entire range of services and learn more about new technology and solutions.

A common strategy

Through a common strategy, we want to help you make the right decisions and turn challenges into opportunities so you reach your objectives.

We have the experience and expertise needed to solve your challenges: Whether it is change management, digitisation or a desire to achieve greater objectives.



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