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We go beyond merely imagining what the future will look like and instead, aim to be part of shaping the future by exploring, testing and creating it.


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To design and develop a new product or service, we need creativity and the right element to be able to take these ideas into something tangible.  

At the EEC, we offer an environment that will help enhance collaboration, interaction, and take the customers idea from strategy  to execution.


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We aim to help you and your organisation make the right decisions to achieve your goals. We have the experience and expertise that is required to help solve your challenges; whether it is related to change management, business model innovation, digitisation or achieving greater objectives.


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Every month, we will bring forward a new topic that is relevant to our customers.

Through the EEC, we will offer breakfast seminars, lectures and workshops from our internal experts and external speakers.



“The PwC Energy Experience Centre will facilitate and drive innovation for our Energy clients. Facilitate collaboration and sharing of experience between the industry, external specialists and selected vendors”

Eirik RasmussenOil and Gas & Digital Partner, Energy Experience Center

Energy Experience Center - An innovation hub created for the Energy sector

On April the 4th we open the doors to PwC's largest Experience Center in Norway, located in Stavanger.

Our experienced consultants will help clients take an ideas a step further from a strategy and planning stage, to something tangible. We combine creative vision and strategic insight to bring forward meaningful change for our clients. Together with our ecosystem of national and international experience and insight, and an approach centered around the human aspect - we believe that this makes all the difference for the way we deliver value to our clients.

We experience that many companies have significant knowledge and ideas, but lack the tools and appropriate strategies for how to execute on these. This is where we will be able to help our clients. Together with our clients, we will take the idea from strategy to execution and by doing so, connect our experience, and learn together with the client underway. We believe that the human aspect is important - one to one engagement - where we together create the best solution for the client.

Eirik Rasmussen Oil & Gas and Digital Partner | PwC Stavanger

The Energy Experience Center is a showroom, both for our business clients and partners, who want to see our entire range of services and learn more about new technology and solutions.

For everything we do in the Energy Experience Center we place the client in the center. This, together with a combination of a design thinking approach and knowledge from our experts in technology, business and user experience, we create unique experiences that make them stand out from the crowd.


Get to know Thomas Arntsen, our new Manager for the Energy Experience Center



Our experienced consultants will help clients take an ideas a step further from a strategy and planning stage, to something tangible.

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Eirik Rasmussen

Oil and Gass & Digital Lead Partner, Energy Experience Center, PwC Norway

Tel: +47 952 61 193

Cathrine Brudeseth Johansen

Market- & communication Advisor and Manager, PwC Norway

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Tone Cecilie Nordhagen

PA | Energy Experience Center, PwC Norway

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