Assistance in disputes

Customized multidisciplinary teams for each case

Our multidisciplinary team assists companies and law firms with qualified technical and financial investigations, as well as specialized legal competence in connection with disputes, domestically and internationally.

We have extensive experience in assisting with disputes from the start of the process regarding reconstructing the facts from a financial standpoint, calculating financial consequences and losses, as well as acting as an expert witness in judicial processes. We work multidisciplinary and the team is put together as needed in each case.

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How can we help you ?

  • Advice and investigations in connection with the identification of facts and gathering of evidence.
  • Assessment of financial consequences and losses, eg. breach of contract, insurance cases etc. and associated compensation calculations.
  • Assistance with valuation in connection with expropriation, change, compulsory redemption pursuant to the Companies Act, conflict of regulations and private litigation.
  • Securing and analysis of electronically save information, email and so on.
  • Establishment of electronic archives for all documents in a case, in order to make relevant searches and to visualise the case in time lines, relation diagrams etc.
  • Expert testimony and presentation in court as an independent party that creates trust.


In addition to assisting with fact-finding, PwC, through its law firm, can assist with legal reviews

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Gunnar Holm Ringen

Advocate | Partner, Oslo, PwC Norway

+47 952 60 175


We have specialised legal expertise who assist in assessing detected facts against:

  • Criminal court, eg. corruption, embezzlement, fraud, financial adultery or breach of accounting rules
  • Money-laundering rules
  • The Securities Trading Act, regulations, current obligations etc.
  • Company law rules and principles
  • Tax and excise legislation
  • Competetion rules
  • Human rights
  • Regulations for public procurements
  • Administrative law rules and principles
  • Freedom of Information Act
  • Internal guidelines, including ethical rules