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The days when only the largest companies implemented ERP solutions are long gone. Today, many small and medium-sized companies are switching from traditional accounting systems to cloud-based ERP solutions. 

Transitioning to an ERP solution offers substantial benefits for most companies, including greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness, improved stability and more readily accessible data. However, it also involves new and challenging risks, so a successful implementation process is crucial if the potential benefits are to be fully realised. We have extensive experience in carrying out comparative assessments in light of Norwegian and international best practice. We also have access to a precise and well-proven methodology, in-depth expertise and a broad knowledge of the various business sectors.

We can help your company both select and implement a new ERP solution.

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Our goal is to identify measures that can boost the efficiency and improve the quality of your company’s key IT systems, for example the ERP system

Marianne Brusdal, Partner, CFO Solutions

Huge benefits from using modern ERP solutions

In our experience, many companies derive enormous benefits from updating to a more modern ERP solution. Our surveys show that companies which have more recent versions of ERP systems, including software to support business-critical processes (normally cloud-based solutions), are also those that submit reports fastest and with the fewest errors.

Such solutions also offer greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness, improved stability and more readily accessible data.

Questions frequently asked by our clients
  • Which ERP system is the right one for us?

  • Does the set-up for taxes and public charges in the current system comply with applicable laws and regulations?

  • Is the division of tasks in the system set up properly to prevent misuse?

  • Will the new system support our processes, or will we have to adapt our operation to the new system?

  • To what extent have we realised benefits by implementing the ERP system?



How can we help you?

Quality assurance in connection with evaluation, selection and procurement

We verify the quality of documentation and activities relating to your company's procurement of a new ERP system. Key elements include the establishment of a sound factual basis for choosing between different solutions, the specification of requirements and an evaluation of each solution.

Our service will help you procure an ERP system that matches your company’s functional and financial requirements as closely as possible.

Quality assurance of projects

We verify the quality of the implementation of ERP projects, in other words how well project activities and deliverables meet requirements regarding best practice and relevant standards, contracts, specifications, test results, etc.

The service will increase the likelihood of the ERP system being implemented efficiently and cost-effectively. A key objective is to establish a solid platform for future administration of the system.



Quality assurance of systems and administrative routines

PwC helps to assure the quality of the ERP system’s organisation and administrative routines. Among other things, this involves identifying corrective actions wherever errors can be introduced into the ERP system, often due to non-conformance with best practice.

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Marianne  Brusdal

Marianne Brusdal

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