Performance and Information Management

Achieve strategic objectives

We can help you manage financial capacity, monitor daily operations and secure access to critical information in the value chain - through efficient Performance and Information Management.


Our leading team of experts has extensive experience in assisting you to:

  • Establish effective governance models and scorecards
  • Implement effective processes and systems for financial reporting and budgeting
  • Assess business use and value of BI-solutions
  • Include critical information from across the value chain into strategic, tactical and operational management and analysis – with high quality
  • Implement effective and user friendly BI-systems
Three people from performance and Information management

We help you realize your goals.

We make sure that you get the right insight relevant to you decision processes

I need help with:

Performance Management are methods and processes created to ensure realisation of strategic objectives, to manage financial capacity and monitor daily operations. This requiring correct steering information, integrated steering processes, effective IT-solutions and a clear presentation culture.

3 signs that you need help with Performance Management:

  • You want a model to support essential strategic, tactical and operational decisions.
  • You feel the need to follow action plans, measures and risks through the value chain. 
  • You want to secure an effective and consistent monitoring of achievements - through establishing an achievement culture for continuing improvements.
3 Signs That You Need Help in
3 Signs That You Need Help in

We assists you with a comprehensive view on implementation of Performance Management - with a strong strategic and operational focus combined with deep functional and technical expertise.

Information Management is about securing access to the right steering information from the whole value chain as a base for strategic, tactical and operational decisions. Much valuable information that is registered in the organisation or that is available externally is never used in analyses or as a basis for decisions in business critical processes.

3 signs that you need help with Information Management:

  • You need better analysis of areas such as product and customer profitability, efficiency in the value chain and sales and market development.
  • You want a better solution for the analysis of trends, benchmarks and forecasts.
  • You have time consuming processes to collect information from different sources.


We cant assists you with a comprehensive view on the effective implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics- with a strong business focus combined with deep functional and technical expertise. We help you get the insight that are relevant in your critical decision making processes.

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