Fraud Preventive Services

We can help you prevent fraud so that your organisation avoids reputational and financial loss and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

We have specialist knowledge in the areas anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and background investigations. We also have expertise knowledge in designing, implementing and testing of internal controls.

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How can we help you?

There is a clear trend internationally that authorities increasingly are following up the fight against corruption by requiring that the companies have implemented robust preventive methods. Norwegian companies with international activity should be aware that both the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and British Bribery Act have broad impact and under given circumstances can apply to Norwegian organisations. In addition Norwegian anti-corruption regulations can in given situations apply to acts committed abroad. We develop and implement a customised  anti-corruption program to prevent and detect corruption and other financial crime.

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PwC offers several anti-money laundering services. We help you understand what specific measures your company has to make in order to comply with laws and regulations in the field. Further we help analyse the current situation and assist with design and implementation of measures.


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Compliance with competition legislation is increasingly important. Every company is obliged to ensure that it does not violate the prohibitions on unlawful collusion or abuse of market power. In these areas Norwegian companies must largely adhere to a legal landscape that follows developments within the EU/EEA.

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Structurally we have chosen to split the activities into five main categories:

  • Review of the control environment against fraud
  • Fraud audits
  • Risk/fraud analyses (fraud profile)
  • Variance analysis (GAP - analysis)
  • Whistleblower channels

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PwC offers a structured and risk based approach that assures that your business associates have a transparent structure, ethical business behaviour, and that they are not associated with illegal or unethical actions. 

We have a dedicated national and global team within the service area Corporate Intelligence, who specializes in conducting Integrity Due Diligence investigations. We help you verify the information you have and to find the information you don't have. 

We have access to to a number of online company and compliance databases, and an extensive international network for local and permanent investigations.


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The consequences of business fraud are increasing

Norwegian and international authorities introduce a more strict regulation through among others the laws for Penalty, Accounting, Competetion, FCPA, The UK Bribery Act and FATCA. This means that in addition to direct negative financial consequences and loss of reputation, business fraud can result in loss of customers / suppliers, lengthy legal proceedings, corporate punishment, personal criminal liability and exclusion from public procurement.

We tailor framework to suit your business

We have long experience in defining, scaling and implementing comprehensive frameworks for handling fraud. The framework is tailored to suit your business industry and size. In this way we help ensure that your business reduces the risk of financial and reputational loss, as well as comply with laws and regulations.


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