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Petroleum Taxation is a symbiosis of Tax Law and Energy Accounting. The one cannot do without the other. Our Petroleum Taxation specialists work in close co-operation with PricewaterhouseCoopers Energy Accountants.

In addition to our tax and legal services, PwC offers lectures, courses, seminars and presentations covering any field of Norwegian Tax Law. Our Petroleum Tax Specialists can offer a wide range of presentations and lectures, covering both general aspects of Petroleum Taxation as well as detailed analyses of particular points of Law and Accounting.

We are part of the PwC world wide energy network, working together with energy tax experts around the world.

The Petroleum Tax Specialists in our Energy Group offer extensive experience from various fields of Petroleum Tax Law and Accounting, including the Norwegian Tax Authorities and the Petroleum Industry itself.

We offer highly qualified advice in every field related to Petroleum Taxation, including:

  • Company structures
  • Income/deduction, capitalization/expensing etc.
  • The Tax System as an instrument
  • Mitigating risk and increasing value
  • Transactional advice
  • Acquisitions, sales, transaction structures
  • The Petroleum Tax Act Section 10
  • Acquisition, transfer and amendment of licenses, mergers and company restructuring on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Petroleum Tax & Accounting
  • Transfer Pricing, OECD Guidelines
  • National, international and allocation onshore/offshore
  • Representation towards Tax Authorities
  • Tax compliance work
  • Appeals, court cases